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Bonfire is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Portland, OR, and we’re built to illuminate your business in the digital world. We specialize in planning, developing, optimizing, distributing, measuring and interacting with content through social media, email, websites, mobile apps and digital advertising. We thrive on fundamentally improving our clients’ marketing with efficient and effective execution day in and day out.

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  • Real Numbers: The Data Behind Authenticity in Business [Infographic]

    This is the third piece in a four-part, monthly series titled “The Work of Being Yourself: Organizational Authenticity in the Digital Space.”   In the first two posts of this series, we’ve looked at the authentic voice in social media and the reasons that individuals and businesses hide their voice. To quickly

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  • Content is Your Best Investment, and the Death of Google+

    At Bonfire Marketing, we’ve curated the most interesting stories and announcements for you. This roundup covers digital marketing news from February 28 till March 13, 2015.   Digital Advertising: Google, Beware: Facebook to Open Ad Exchange Powered by LiveRail Facebook is working on an ad exchange service, which would allow publishers to

    Mar 18Read More

  • Be Creative, Not Disruptive

    The design community has gone through a major rebrand in recent years. It wasn’t long ago that most companies seem like they had logos designed by someone’s 17-year-old who had a copy of Photoshop CS3. Now, even the smallest storefronts are reaching out to agencies and dropping major money on slickly designed

    Mar 11Read More



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