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Bonfire is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Portland, OR, and we’re built to illuminate your business in the digital world. We specialize in planning, developing, optimizing, distributing, measuring and interacting with content through social media, email, websites, mobile apps and digital advertising. We thrive on fundamentally improving our clients’ marketing with efficient and effective execution day in and day out.

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  • Hits and Misses of Auto Industry Marketing

    First of all, I am a proud petrol head. I read, study and love automobiles. I remember horsepower stats better than family birthdays. I play nighttime headlight games in my rear view mirror, guessing model and year before they pass. I do the same with distant tail lights. I love the smell,

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  • LinkedIn Publishing Is Not Completely SEO Cool

    The query came through via email: Is it OK, SEO-wise, to publish a blog post on the company’s site, and then repost it verbatim on LinkedIn? Fortunately the sender could not see my face, or hear me say “eww” out loud. The short answer is absolutely no, it is not OK. Don’t

    Dec 10Read More

  • This is What Brand Inspiration Looks Like in Social

    Last night, I intended to go for a run, but it just wasn’t going to happen. It was an all too familiar narrative for me in the early months of winter. It was freezing cold outside. My kids were begging for attention. I was warm and comfortable where I was sitting. I

    Dec 04Read More



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