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Here’s our latest roundup of digital marketing tips.

Content strategy: Brands’ most  engaging Tumblr posts of 2016

Millennials enjoy a good GIF. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the five most engaging Tumblr posts of 2016 to get inspiration for the coming year.

 Client takeaway: Engagement was measured by likes, comments, views, and shares on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube. Topics included humor, pop culture, and a cute puppy.

Suggested implementation: If a younger demographic is your niche, GIFs can be an easy way to engage with them. Even something as simple as a retweet of a comical GIF or a Boomerang of the newest office dog can send your audience into a sharing frenzy.

Digital marketing: What’s next? 2017 digital marketing predictions

Now a yearly tradition, Bonfire president Ryan Lewis shares his digital marketing predictions for 2017. With a precursor as unpredictable as 2016, the coming year is shaping up to be one of digital innovation, automation, and a wild card or two.

Client takeaway:

  1. Instagram will become the new Facebook.
  2. Voice search will take over.
  3. Content experience budget will grow past traditional marketing.
  4. Political risk has set a precedent for marketing messaging wild cards.

Suggested implementation:

  1. Social media trends ebb and flow. Diversify your channels to optimize your audience reach.
  2. Answers people’s questions with content, and write how you speak to appeal to voice search.
  3. Create more engaging content with tools like Facebook Live, 360-degree video, AR, and VR.
  4. Take chances with your messaging, but recognize that risks have consequences. What’s hard is predicting if they’re good or bad.

SEO: Google mobile first index won’t measure page speed

An interview with Google’s John Mueller uncovered some interesting insights on mobile first indexing. With desktop first, page speed was most definitely an indexing factor. However, with mobile first, site speed won’t affect ranking — yet.

Client takeaway: Google will still label those sites that are unfriendly to the mobile experience. But Mueller confirmed that at this time, mobile page speed is not taken into account for indexing purposes.

Suggested implementation: This doesn’t mean you have permission to let your mobile site speed slide. And don’t forget: Consumers are 40 percent more likely to bounce when pages take longer than three seconds to load.

Social media: How to use Google UTMs to analyze your social traffic

Are you sharing your blogs on social? If so, you should use Urchin Tracking Modules (UTMs) to find where your traffic is coming from and optimize your blog promotion strategy with analytics.

Client takeaway: UTMs help you determine which channels traffic is originating from so you can discover more about your readers. Neglecting these unique codes results in dark social, which can hurt strategy.

Suggested implementation: Create a unique UTM code for each channel promoting your site. Use UTMs to determine where your audience is coming from and adjust content strategy accordingly.

Trends: Uber and Lyft carp ooling service could replace 75% of vehicles

Uber and Lyft road rage may give way to road rave as researchers say carpooling services could greatly decrease traffic congestion. Of course, this is dependent on people actually using the service.

Client takeaway: Studies suggest that riders prefer a back seat to themselves, but the data shows a possible 75 percent reduction in traffic.

Suggested implementation: Watch this space (and potentially find a cheaper way to get to work).

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