3 Insights From MozCon 2016 for Marketers and Clients

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Don’t miss part one of our MozCon coverage geared for SEOs.

MozCon 2016 is a delight to attend. Unlike other conferences, this one takes place in a single, giant room. There’s no anxiety over choosing which session to attend. The event is a nice mix of actionable use cases, easy and not-so-easy search marketing tactics, and high-level inspiration. It’s a sharing, trusting, and welcoming environment. No one throws shade if you’re new to search.

If you couldn’t attend, don’t feel left out. You have access to every MozCon presentation. There’s a storm of #MozCon tweets. And Moz provides video footage of the 20-minute sessions for a fee.

To help you digest, here are three useful stats marketers can share with their clients. By no means are these the only MozCon slides you should take into consideration, but they make great conversation starters.

1. A big update in search.


Rand Fishkin’s opening session is chock-full of useful search stats for both marketers and clients. SEOs have cringed as the real estate on search engine result pages (SERPs) has shrunk. But clients might not fully realize the impact of these changes, or even how to leverage them.

The disappearance of the 10 blue links for a SERP is like spotting a snow leopard in the wild, Fishkin said. They only account for roughly three percent of results. And while around 51 percent of all clicks are for an organic result, 49 percent are for a Google property. In a way, Google is a competitor — unless you play along.

Takeaway: Target ranking for a mix of SERP features, like Google featured snippets, shopping results, or tweets. Don’t only invest in organic and blogging.

2. Mobile is not a mini-desktop.

To help you digest the information presented at MozCon, here are three useful stats marketers can share with their clients.

I almost left this one out since we covered it in our recap of day one. But these stats are critical for clients, marketers, designers, and developers to keep in mind.

single second delay in load time on mobile can cause your viewer to bounce, and perhaps never return. Ever. That single second of delay means:

  • 11 percent fewer page views.
  • 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction.
  • 7 percent loss in conversion.

We don’t have time for a single second delay, much less 3 seconds.

We all know the mobile experience is different from desktop, yet we’re so slow to create a truly different user experience. Quite frankly, this is a topic that makes me kick and scream. Talia Wolf has my heart for her session on “How to Rewrite the CRO Playbook with Mobile Optimization.

Takeaway: We are different people when we are on mobile. Developing a responsive site design and condensing desktop for mobile doesn’t cut it anymore. So find and create different solutions for your mobile user base.

3. Value of retaining customers.

To help you digest the information presented at MozCon, here are three useful stats marketers can share with their clients.

An exciting aspect of marketing is how it pulls from so many disciplines. Communication is a social science. It’s refreshing to hear the amount of psychology referenced in the majority of MozCon presentations. We are interesting creatures.

Kristen Craft of Wistia is brilliant. Her talk on “Reimagining Customer Retention and Evangelism” was steeped in psychology. I encourage you to hear her speak.

Would you believe that eighty-six percent of consumers will pay more for a better experience? That’s insane and goes against what many believe.

Craft squashed the idea that price and product are the only ways brands and e-commerce businesses can differentiate from the competition. Why? Because of a hard truth: One day someone will invent a product better than yours. It’s inevitable.

Takeaway: Experience is the ultimate differentiator. Focus on it by tapping into familiarity, not trying to be something for everyone, and prioritizing the personal over the professional.

There are so many slides I wish I could share. I hope you’re empowered by these three stats. Let us know what you took away from MozCon 2016 in the comments below or tweet @ThinkBonfire.

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