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Brody Lowe’s BFA in graphic design from OSU transitioned smoothly into running his own design firm with a friend for five years. A fascination in film production lead to a three-year venture as an art director and designer for nationally recognized film production studios before happily coming aboard Bonfire Marketing as a graphic designer.

Digital Marketing in the World of Augmented Reality

There’s a fairly good chance you’re reading this on your smartphone right now. And if not, there’s an even better chance a smartphone is within 30 yards of where you are now. It wasn’t long ago that the idea of augmented reality existed in science fiction only. But with the ever-growing technological advances found [...]

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360-Degree Video for Digital Marketing

Scrolling through Facebook looks a lot different today than it did just a year ago. This isn’t only due to the ever-evolving main social feed, but also what features are quickly being adopted by marketers, influencers, and individuals alike. The most dramatic inclusion of late is the use of 360-degree video and photos. Normally in [...]

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Why You Need Video Marketing for Your Brand

With the rise of online video-on-demand like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, it’s obvious that a majority of our population is cutting cable in favor of digital content. And with it comes a growing transition to online video marketing rather than traditional commercials. Even our social media outlets have gone out of their way [...]

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