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Jim Gibbons is an content strategist in Portland, Oregon. He has worked with a variety of businesses, from enterprise companies to consumer brands.

The Marketer’s Power Quarter: A Google Ads Tip to Boost SEM

This is the first in a 12-part series of quick-fix tips to improve your digital marketing results. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned to the blog to get the rest. In marketing, you can always do something more to improve your metrics. We’re all looking for quick, actionable advice that drives better numbers and [...]

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Firestarter: Summer 2018 Edition Recap

The summer heat is on, so let’s fuel it with some marketing hotness. Last night, Portland marketers ate, drank, and mingled merrily at Bonfire HQ to watch Bonfire executives and account managers deliver presentations on how data-driven tactical campaigns overcome marketing challenges. The right content, the right results To position themselves as an industry thought [...]

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The Copywriter’s Reading and Resources List

Writing is hard. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t, in some way, agree. Regardless of the language you’re writing in, there are millions of words and endless possible combinations in which to order them to create each sentence, each paragraph, each blog post or essay or novel. Now, writing short — that’s really [...]

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