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Matt Myler is a words-writer, beard-haver, and resident grumpy pants at Bonfire. When he isn’t watching the "Three Flavours Cornetto" trilogy, he can be found eating avocado toast and trying to write screenplays.

The Copywriter’s Grab Bag: Part 1

Nothing is original. More on that later. Keeping that in mind, however, it’s more important than ever that copywriters do everything they possibly can to create content that engages, inspires, and brings the masses to its knees. Most writers approach the job with the same toolkit, i.e., stale grammar advice, overrated texts, and a pretty [...]

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FADE IN: Creating a Blog in Three Acts

Act one: Introducing the problem I don’t care much for rules. In fact, the last time we talked, I told you to break every rule of writing you’d ever been taught. You’ll notice this post doesn’t have a traditional introductory paragraph (gasp!). I have a reason for that. When I was a wet-behind-the-ears screenwriter [...]

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Valentine’s Day Adult Coloring Pages for Lovers

Happy Valentine’s Day! And for all you singles out there, Happy Salt-in-the-Open-Wound Day! However you celebrate, we feel that there are better ways to spend this polarizing holiday than sitting by your phone and praying that your dream bae will call. So while you wait for the Valium to kick in, pick up the crayons [...]

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