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Ryan Lewis is the president and founder of Bonfire Marketing. His mission to bring scale, measurement and exponential effectiveness to digital marketing drives him to integrate traditional and innovative ideas for campaigns. A Northwest native, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children outside as much as possible.

Can Facebook’s Algorithm Change Help Their Competition?

Over the past few years, Facebook News Feed’s organic reach diminished to nearly zero. So, the latest news about Facebook cutting pages off shouldn’t come as a shock. I won’t discuss the pros or cons of the change. Let’s focus on the downstream effects that might occur as a result. Facebook is—and has been for [...]

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Why Facebook Should Never Surprise Marketers

We’ve been operating and specializing in content marketing for over nine years at Bonfire. Like countless other industries, the one thing that‘s always constant is change. Earlier this month, Facebook announced a change in their algorithm that, for some, made it seem like the sky was falling. Whether hyperbolic or real, the change will dramatically [...]

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If You Can’t Prove It, It Didn’t Happen

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.” — John Wanamaker There are two problems with this quote: It was said 96 years ago. People still use it as an excuse when they don’t get results. Wake up everyone; it’s 2018! Last year had its challenges, [...]

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Bonfire Welcomes a New Team With the Acquisition of Response Capture

I have something very exciting to tell you, something that’s been brewing for quite some time; we’ve officially acquired and merged with all-star Portland-based demand generation agency Response Capture. As a digital agency specializing in demand generation and marketing automation, they are (in many ways) the perfect complement to our current suite of strategy, content [...]

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