To Get out of the Copywriting Box, Build Your Own

We’ve all heard the phrase “think outside the box” too many times. Whether we’re talking about creative endeavors or participating in a business meeting, suggesting someone needs to think outside the box has become a cliché. I’m not here to complain about clichés, though. What I do want to talk about is getting stuck in [...]

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AI in Marketing: How to Get Started in 2018

One of the biggest buzzwords in marketing, and really across many industries, is artificial intelligence. For years, a majority of the public viewed AI as science fiction, but that’s starting to change. While many understand the impact AI could have on their future daily lives, most do not consider the minute effects AI has on [...]

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How to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

Successful marketing is a delicate mixture of art and science, where proof-based metrics and measurements are the foundation on which to set goals. The building itself needs to consist of quality content. There’s no recipe for creativity and quality, although many have penned opinions on the subject. Creativity comes from people, ideas, and back-and-forth discussions. [...]

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