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What’s Next? 2017 Digital Marketing Predictions

Tweet, tweet, tweet. With the amount Twitter was talked about in 2016, you would think they were the dominant social network in the world. Ah, but if they could only monetize and cut down on the noise. As we all witnessed, Twitter got a lot of coverage, but mostly for what politicians were saying, not [...]

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The 12 Days of Marketing Tips

Ever wonder how Rudolph became the “most famous reindeer of all” when he was nowhere to be found before 1939? Well, whether it was his clear value proposition or a consistent and persistent CTA, his marketing sure was effective. Clearly, there’s much to learn during the holiday season about reaching your audience. While your chestnuts [...]

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My 2016 Predictions: What I Got Wrong, What I Got Right

It's that wonderful and humbling time of year again. I look under my crystal ball’s table to see if it's just smoke I see, or if there’s some real validity to my sometimes hubristic predictions. This year I fared about as well as the last, but honestly in a year like 2016, I'll take it. [...]

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How to Build Smart, Strategic Content

“Content that understands its audience will be good content. Content that doesn’t, can’t be.” This gem-of-a-quote from Doug Kessler is really the heart of my recent Firestarter (ICYMI, we started a discussion series, and you should come next time). The concept isn’t terribly complicated; a business relationship — like any relationship — will succeed if [...]

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