You #CMAD Bro? #CMGR Appreciation Day 2014 – Our Top Tips

//You #CMAD Bro? #CMGR Appreciation Day 2014 – Our Top Tips

Community Manager Appreciation Day #CMAD

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD)!

We wouldn’t be able to run a successful digital marketing business in Portland without the support of our amazing staff.

To celebrate #CMAD I asked our team of Community Managers to give one piece of community management advice from their experience working with brands like Power Rangers, Intel, and Paul Frank.

Here’s what they had to say.

gwynne-ohm“Measure, evaluate and adjust. Make analytics your best friend and you will be rewarded with higher engagement, more followers, and a more active community. It is not just about posting good content, it is about posting the right content at the right time on the right channels.”-Gwynne Ohm


“Within reason, take risks. Some of the best content ever created was on a whim, outlandish, mind-bending, or controversial.” -Lara Kaplan


“Quality over quantity: Be sure to keep a close eye on who frequently engages on your channels. Having mass amounts of followers is one thing, but I believe it’s really meaningful when you remember who they are, and interact with them. It’s a great way to develop relationships with the fans of your brand!” -Jenny Le


jacob-curtis“Practice active listening and responding to fans with open ended questions. Remember a conversation is a dialog (two people) not a monolog (one person) — this is conversation 101. Even a small detail like responding with a persons name can go a long way in leaving a lasting impression and showing them you’re not a robot.” –Jacob Curtis


sarahweb“Organization is key! Keeping your content and scheduling organized leaves you with more free time to stay on top of current social trends/media happenings and find creative ways to integrate them into your strategy.” –Sarah Aagesen


sandra-king“Focus on the “community” in “Community Manager!” Interactions with your fans are just as important as the content you promote. Whether it’s favoriting tweets, retweeting, or replying to Facebook comments, always make an effort to acknowledge your community!” –Sandra King


garrett-ira“Keep an eye on trending topics & align with them in real-time when relevant.” –Garrett Ira



“Study and analyze your audience. Understanding what makes them tick will help you foster not just a fan base, but an engaged, loyal community.” -Giselle Waters

I hope you found a few takeaways from my colleagues advice in honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day!

But, now it’s your turn! What’s your best CM advice? Leave it as a comment below!

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Jacob is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Bonfire Marketing. An early adopter of digital media, Jacob has observed the evolution and adoption of social media in connecting people online. Working at Bonfire Marketing he continues to hone his craft and creates social media tutorial videos in his free time.

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