Content Marketing Opportunities for 2017

//Content Marketing Opportunities for 2017

Here’s our latest roundup of digital marketing tips.

Content strategy: How to use Google Analytics to optimize your content

Don’t post and coast. Your high-value evergreen content should be optimized regularly to keep it relevant to audience needs. Use these free Google Analytics reports to strategize.

Client takeaway: When you know how (and why) your content is performing, you can use those insights to shape future content. Just remember — it can take up to six months for a page or post to rank on page one or two of search results.

Suggested implementation: Don’t give up on content you think is valuable; do diligent research to boost its ranking. Use Google Analytics reports to optimize individual posts and quarterly calendars with content your audience is reading.

Digital marketing: 5 big challenges digital marketers faced in 2016

2016 was a year for social media, search, and marketing technology innovation, but it was also wrought with challenges for marketers. Five of the biggest hurdles become goals for 2017.

Client takeaway:

  1. Ad fraud cost the U.S. industry over $7 billion this year.
  2. Ninety-two percent of marketers collect data; nearly half do very little with it.
  3. Marketing software is too complex.
  4. Location-based data isn’t being used to its fullest.
  5. Over 50 percent of marketers use 5–10 siloed tools.

Suggested implementation:

  1. Look to mobile apps, email, and other channels with more inherent buy-in to avoid potential ad fraud.
  2. Watch for new tools automating data insights and implementation with machine learning.
  3. These new tools will also simplify the many customer touchpoints with intuitive UI and functionality.
  4. Use location-based data for discovering customer context and creating more direct ad experiences.
  5. Platform integrations and openness should be a determining factor when choosing a tool.

Marketing: Welcome to the Gen Z challenge

Just when we were starting to understand millennials, another generation is coming of buying age, and their digital habits are not the same.

Client takeaway: Gen Z was born between 1997 and 2011. Due to economic instability, they are frugal and brand wary. They are also collaborative and mobile-first, but see hyper-personalization as intrusive. Gen Z demands a connected, mobile experience and brand transparency, but they also value their privacy.

Suggested implementation: Invest in co-creative opportunities for shared brand experience. Give target audiences a deeper look into your brand. And switch creative and media focus to tech that provides imaginative, immersive experiences.

SEO: SEO in 2017

In 2016, mobile search and website access overtook desktop. Having a dialed-back mobile version of your desktop site is no longer an option. Use this mobile optimization checklist to jump on the 2017 mobile-first bandwagon.

Client takeaway: Most businesses fail on the usability of their mobile site. People are five times more likely to leave if it’s not mobile-friendly, and over half will leave if it doesn’t load in three seconds.

Suggested implementation: Use this checklist to optimize every page of your mobile site for a serious competitive advantage. Suggestions include: navigation, form entry, ease of commerce and conversion, and more.

Social media: Facebook introduces Live Audio

Facebook is upping its real-time experiences. After launching Live 360 video, the company announced Live Audio, fortifying its efforts to be a hybrid media company.

Client takeaway: Live Audio is an opportunity to reach low-connectivity or weak network areas. Broadcasts can last for up to four hours. Facebook pulls your page cover photo as the broadcast’s default image.

Suggested implementation: Live Audio presents opportunities for radio broadcasts, podcasts, author readings, webinars, interviews, and live music when audio is your preferred publishing format.

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