Why a Content Strategy Is More Important Than Creation

//Why a Content Strategy Is More Important Than Creation

Here’s our latest roundup of digital marketing tips.

Advertising: $5 million for a Super Bowl ad. Another million or more to market the ad.

As the prices of Super Bowl ads increase, so too must the marketing budget used to promote those ads. More companies are sharing teasers to their Super Bowl ads via social media before the game with hopes that they’ll be written about and shared in anticipation.

Client takeaway: The average cost of a 30-second ad for the big game is just over $5 million. Some brands spend another 25 percent of that on marketing the ad.

Suggested implementation: In the age of smartphones and social media, creating an ad isn’t enough. You must also put money behind paid media like YouTube, social, and search.

Content marketing: 5 big content marketing strategy trends to know this year

The only way your content marketing will succeed is with a strategy that considers your target audience, your business objectives, and how you’ll promote that content. Form your own strategy after the top five things considered by 300 enterprise companies.

Client takeaway: Brand story is the most important component of a content marketing strategy. A majority of content marketers say original research is their most effective content.

Suggested implementation: Identify who’s interested in your content and make content for them. Strive for original research when creating. Spend less on content creation and more on distribution.

Social media marketing: The ultimate social media best practices 2017 [infographic]

Each social media channel has its own style, voice, and specifications. It’s hard to keep track of them all. Our refreshed infographic for social media best practices keeps platform updates in one place so you can skip the research.

Client takeaway: Our newest version contains Snapchat filter recommendations and updated Twitter features.

Suggested implementation: Download our full infographic for free to receive guidelines for all major social media platforms. Use our best practices to shape your content strategy.

Technology: Dropbox finally brings its Google Docs competitor out of beta

Dropbox’s latest offering, Paper, has launched globally in 21 languages. It’s similar to Google Docs and has minimal collaborative editing capabilities.

Client takeaway: Dropbox is positioning the new product as a place to collaborate with Google and Microsoft documents, not necessarily a place for creation. Notable features include the ability to collect work into separate projects, assign project tasks with due dates, and Smart Sync files to your desktop file system.

Suggested implementation: As with most products fresh out of beta, approach Paper with cautious optimism. Don’t force adoption if Docs or Word are working just fine, but explore ways it can streamline your processes.

Trends: Starbucks unveils a virtual assistant that takes your order via messaging or voice

Sorry, baristas; the bots are coming for your jobs, too. Starbucks has embraced the virtual assistant trend with a new mobile app called My Starbucks Barista. Customers use the app to place orders for pickup, confirm a pickup location, and process payments with their voices.

Client takeaway: Over 24 million voice-first devices are expected to ship in 2017, and customers are getting more comfortable speaking to them.

Suggested implementation: We’re not sure how many times we can say it, but we’ll say it again: You’re late if your website isn’t optimized for voice search.

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