The Marketer’s Power Quarter: Boost Clicks With GIFs

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Changing any of your design assets can sound daunting. And while a full brand refresh with a new logo, website, and all kinds of updated visuals is a big undertaking, you can make a lot of small, effective visual tweaks that are easy to enact and drive great results.

Visuals that pop drive engagement

In a world inundated with bland ads and walls of text, visuals that draw attention are very effective. Contrast is king. To illustrate this point (pun intended!), look at call-to-action buttons. The goal is to drive clicks and to inspire action. Most think on-brand colors work best, as it unifies the design. But a simple tweak to a contrasting color can increase clicks 10 percent or more. This general premise of a visual pop can be applied across numerous marketing visuals.

Liven up your emails and increase clicks with GIFs

What drives engagement changes based on the times. Where emojis used to be relegated to a comical text flourish, now there’s evidence emojis drives clicks. The same goes for everybody’s favorite file type: the animated GIF. These punchy mini-movie files quickly drive an immediate reaction from a reader, and adding them to your emails—which may have seemed unprofessional a few years ago—now has proven results. The way GIFs pop off the page in emails increases clicks by 42 percent, boosts conversion rates by 130 percent, and has even been shown to increase revenue 109 percent. So next time you need to spice up an email, head to Giphy or Google to find something fun and surprising you can add to your marketing.

“GIFs used in emails increase clicks by 42%.”
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Next week in the final installment of The Marketer’s Power Quarter blog, you’ll learn all the benefits of responsive mobile design.

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