The Marketer’s Power Quarter: Email Segmentation Plan


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Your inbox is inundated by dozens, if not hundreds, of emails before the lunch bell rings. A lot of businesses are vying for the limited attention of each contact they have every single day. How can you ever expect a message to get through and be seen? That’s where the technological magic of marketing automation can swoop in to save the day.

Data segmentation drives better email nurturing

The scattered shotgun-style approach of email marketing is a thing of the past thanks to the audience segmentation capabilities of marketing automation platforms. By grouping your contacts into key business categories, not only will you gain insight into who your most engaged audience is, but you’ll better target and communicate with them and with more precision.

What’s more, segmenting your contacts can increase email click-through rates by 100.95 percent.

Segmentation ideas and tips

Pick one (or more!) of these strategies for your next email nurture campaign to create an unforgettable customer experience:

  1. Contact location
  2. Funnel or lead stage
  3. Market segment
  4. Purchase history
  5. Engagement
  6. Purchase or product type
  7. Purchase amount
  8. Company revenue
  9. Company size
  10. Email click history
  11. Email open history
  12. Engagement per channel usage (social, email, etc.)

By segmenting your audience, you’ll automatically boost engagement. But more opportunities await.

You might learn what industries are more engaged or which markets perform better. That data improves your targeting, so you can reach your audience how and when they want to be reached. This can lead to less time wasted on bad leads, improved efficiency, and a more effective and transparent sales funnel. Everybody wins!

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