Increase Your Leads with These 5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Landing Page


Creating a fully optimized landing page is no easy task. It’s an art that requires eye-catching design, enticing copy, and an irresistible call to action (CTA). If you’ve done your job right, your Facebook ads and other digital ads are click-worthy. But if your landing page is suffering you’ll find your leads dropping off quickly. The good news is you can avoid this. Here are five tips for improving your landing page.

1. List the benefits

Look at what you are offering and think about how it benefits your audience. Does it solve a problem? Make life easier? Or is just plain entertaining? Once you know the purpose of your offer, make sure it’s included in your list. This list should grab your viewer’s attention right away. So, using bullets or numbers is a good choice. This should be an easy list; if it isn’t, you may want to consider modifying your offer.

2. Craft a powerful headline

Your headline is the most important piece of copy on your landing page; a headline that targets an emotion is your best bet in reaching your customers. The easiest way to optimize your headline is to take a glimpse at your previously listed benefits. Pinpoint the key focus and use it to generate your headline. If that doesn’t work, a number of tools can help you write a better headline. Try testing the Emotional Marketing Value of your headline to see how you can make it more impactful.

3. Give a clear CTA

Start by integrating the benefits of your offer into your CTA. You can have one, two, even three CTAs. If your landing page is short, use one. If your page is a bit longer, you can place a second CTA in the closing argument located at the bottom of the page. This is the final chance to communicate the benefits of your offer.

Examples of good CTAs include:

  • Learn More Here
  • Sign Up
  • Buy Now

Great CTAs include:

  • Download Your Free PDF
  • A Lighter You Starts Here
  • Save Today For Something Bigger Later

4. Be creative

Remember you are trying to convince someone why they should take your offer. So it’s important you use all resources available. Have some outstanding reviews? Or maybe a video that digs deeper into the details? A free download, photo, or special offer? All of these are great assets to use and will increase the appeal of your offer.

5. Keep it simple

If you’ve ever landed on a poorly designed page, you know the importance of good aesthetics and design. Ask yourself, “Is it clean, simple, and clear? Is there enough white space between each section? Is there clutter?”

Find a coworker and give them five seconds to look over your page. Can they find your offer? Give them another 10 seconds and ask if they were entertained, educated or empowered in some way. These tests will give you useful feedback, and the more feedback you have, the more educated your strategy will be.

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