Marketing Blunders and Managing Influencers

//Marketing Blunders and Managing Influencers

Here’s our latest roundup of digital marketing tips.

Digital Marketing: 6 common marketing blunders with easy fixes

The world of marketing is always in disruption, and those that don’t keep up end up getting left behind. Sometimes you might not even realize you’re making mistakes because you’re relying on outdated information. Our list of blunders and how to fix them will get you back on track.

Client takeaway: Many of the old conventions for digital marketing no longer apply, and it’s time to start rethinking many of them, including UGC and length of written content.

Suggested implementation: Start investing in creating more long-form content, don’t neglect your users who are generating content, and keep a close and responsive eye on competitors.

SEO: SEO for photos, visuals, and graphics + How to rank in Google Image Search

Lots of people search for images within Google, and if your products would benefit from popping up in those searches, it’s a good idea to see what Moz has to say about image SEO. It shares some commonalities with regular SEO, but there are differences that are important to note.

Client takeaway: One-third of all Google searches are image searches, and 12.5 percent of those SERPs have Image Pack results (the suggestions that sit in a row up top).

Suggested implementation: Because there’s such an enormous volume of image searches, you should see if your products or services can benefit from better image optimization.

Social Media: The most discussed issues on Facebook and Instagram in April

Facebook recently released its latest Hot Topics report, which covers, well, the hottest topics across both Facebook and Instagram. The report can be very useful for discovering what people are chatting about.

Client takeaway: Easter, Earth Day, and April Fool’s Day were major topics, as well as the United Airlines controversy. Plus, an all-metal tribute to the Bee Gees was very popular.

Suggested implementation: While the holidays have passed, it’s good to know these days for marketing planning next year, and the oddness of the other topics show how important it is to keep an ear to the ground.

Strategy: How B2B marketers leverage data to target buyers

eMarketer has compiled several reports to create an uber-report of the state of digital B2B marketing and analytics. The ultimate trend seems to be that marketers are embracing more personalization.

Client takeaway: Some 70 percent of respondents to the survey were using big data analytics. 65 percent said social media metrics are the most common source used to create personalized content.

Suggested implementation: The data shows that marketers are using analytics and social media for the express goal of creating personalized content. It pays to research your customers and their customers.

Trends: How marketers can weather influencer marketing’s messy puberty phase

Influencer marketing has skyrocketed in popularity, but with that comes some growing pains. The market is becoming a bit oversaturated with content that’s homogenous and often a bit messy. However, there are smart ways to invest in influencers.

Client takeaway: Thirty-two percent of marketers are using influencers, and believe them to be essential to strategy — which is leading to rapid overcrowding.

Suggested implementation: Jumping straight on the influencer train isn’t often a good idea. Make sure you have a strong brand message first, then follow with compelling influencers and UGC.

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