A Review of 2016 Content Marketing Trends

//A Review of 2016 Content Marketing Trends

Here’s our latest roundup of digital marketing tips.

Content marketing: A year of content marketing in review

It’s the time of year for “best of” recaps. Check out this listicle of the most shared “content marketing” content of 2016. Forbes, HubSpot, and TechCrunch snagged the most shares. Take some inspiration for your 2017 strategy.

Client takeaway: Content is your opportunity to become a thought leader in your industry. More is more: richer content, longer content, and detailed SEO research to inform your strategy.

Suggested implementation: Use SEO tools to learn what your audience is searching for. If you can answer some of their top queries, shape content around it. Also, subscribe to each of these content producers.

Digital marketing: My 2016 predictions: what I got wrong, what I got right

Every year, Bonfire president Ryan Lewis makes predictions about the future of digital marketing. He won some, he lost some, but a number of this year’s trends will seriously shift the industry.

Client takeaway: Twitter has gotten a little stale, but Snapchat looks promising. Location-based marketing is getting its footing, and the now the economy and digital shopping habits are helping.

Suggested implementation: Constant flux in users’ favorship means a variety of social channels is key to expanding audience. In the now economy, the faster you can reach customers, the better.

SEO: Google studying ways to deal with offensive search suggestions and results

Search suggestions: good for a laugh, blog title ideas, a poem, or a harsh social commentary. Google has faced criticism over some of the downright offensive suggestions springing up in the most innocent of searches. And now they’re taking action to curb dejecting search tendencies.

Client takeaway: This isn’t a black-and-white issue. In no way can machine learning solutions impede First Amendment rights. AI isn’t yet capable of knowing the difference between fact and fiction. It’s good Google has the problem on their radar, but change will be slow to come.

Suggested implementation: Fight bad content with good content. Phrasing negative search terms within positive, truthful info could help better inform someone. And never link to false information, even to point out it’s false.

Social media: Live streaming on Twitter should increase user engagement

Periscope software is being built into Twitter’s app. Maybe the video trend is one Twitter can tap into after a year of little innovation, though Facebook and Instagram are already playing.

Client takeaway: By 2020, 75 percent of all mobile data will be used by video. The average U.S. adult will watch 72 minutes of mobile video a day. A live feed boosts user engagement immediately.

Suggested implementation: Events don’t need to be recorded professionally; mobile device video is enough. If you haven’t started using video marketing, you’d better pause and refocus.

Trends: Nintendo learns a multibillion-dollar lesson

First Pokémon and now Mario — Nintendo isn’t having the best year. Sitting at the top of the “free” app store, the new Mario Run game only has three playable levels before asking customers to fork over money. Add a few glitches and lack of innovation (also plagues for Pokémon GO) and excitement flatlines after the bait-and-switch.

Client takeaway: Rebranding or trying to market to a new generation isn’t as easy as re-releasing the same old thing.

Suggested implementation: Develop personas to inform your marketing strategy. Understand what the audience you’re trying to reach actually wants. And then use current trending tech to capitalize on it.

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