Social Media Best Practices and the Rise of Virtual Reality

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Here’s our latest roundup of digital marketing tips.

Content marketing: 15 content marketing trends that need your close attention

Content marketing has become one of the most popular marketing strategies. Effective content marketing comes down to proper execution and uses storytelling, user generated content, authentic visual content, quality long-form content, influencers, optimized content, interactive content, and mobile.

Client takeaway: When it comes to content marketing, remember the sales cycle. After content is created and shared, have a strategy for bringing in sales and leads.

Suggested implementation: Use current trends in your content marketing to be relevant and timely.

E-commerce: The future of e-commerce: What if users could skip your site?

Google already tries to keep users within their search engine with local packs and instant answers, and Google Shopping may be the next step. Google Shopping has a good user experience, offers a range of products, allows price comparison between brands, and is mobile friendly. To prepare for the increasing importance of Google Shopping, provide as much information about your products as possible and ensure product pages are optimized.

Client takeaway: Google Shopping could potentially replace organic search results for transactional queries.

Suggested implementation: Conduct a SEO audit of your current product pages.

Influencer marketing: 4 successful influencer campaigns you can model

Influencer marketing is a cost-effective way to improve awareness of your brand and reach new, potential customers. Boost sales by working with an influencer to promote your product and/or offer a discount code. Build brand or product awareness by having influencers use branded hashtags or post branded content. For the most effective influencer marketing, allow your influencer to post their story and authentic reactions to your product or service.

Client takeaway: Influencer marketing effectively markets your brand and product at a more affordable cost than some traditional marketing efforts.

Suggested implementation: For the highest ROI, focus on mid-level influencers.

Social media: The ultimate social media best practices 2016 [infographic]

Each social platform has it’s own unique content style. LinkedIn content should be professional and buttoned-up, while Twitter content thrives on whit and creative language. In Bonfire’s social media best practices infographic, we outline writing, image design, and character count best practices for organic and sponsored posts.

Client takeaway: Each piece of social media content should be tailored and optimized for the individual platform.

Suggested implementation: Download our free infographic to receive guidelines for all major social media platforms. Use our best practices to shape your content strategy.

Technology: What virtual reality will mean for advertising

With only a piece of cardboard, smartphones are transformed into virtual reality headsets. Virtual reality has become the most immersive storytelling experience, allowing the user to feel like they’re somewhere else. Before investing in VR, consider if it gives consumers an experience they otherwise couldn’t have. Will it give consumers a better understanding of your product? And will people want to continue watching beyond the initial “that’s cool” moment?

Client takeaway: While virtual reality is still in it’s early days, it’s quickly gaining mainstream traction along with 360-photos and videos.

Suggested implementation: Take advantage of Facebook 360-degree photos to give fans an interactive experience.

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