Bonfire Marketing: Best 100 Companies to Work for in Oregon 2015


At Bonfire, speaking about ourselves does not come naturally. We hire for cultural fit and our culture is not accustomed to boasting our accomplishments. We are a humble crew of hard-working content marketers that tirelessly position our clients as the hero.

This is who we are.

When we had the opportunity to be part of Oregon Business magazine’s Best 100 Companies to Work for in Oregon, we frankly were caught a little off guard.

I couldn’t be prouder for this award. It is our greatest achievement in Bonfire’s history. Fundamentally, people must always come first. We spend more time with our co-workers than our family and friends, so we feel that time should be spent in a welcoming environment that’s challenging and meaningful. We have great people that care deeply about those around them, and I could not thank them enough for making our time together special.

It’s not a novel concept, but can be challenging to execute. Hire the best people that culturally fit, provide challenging, meaningful work, treat them with respect and let them thrive. The best work comes from trust and occasional coaching, not from micro management.

It is an honor to work with the best team in the world.

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