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Digital Marketing Strategy

Here’s our latest roundup of digital marketing tips.

SEM: Benefits of utilizing a PPC campaign to support your organic content strategy

Your paid ads and organic strategy don’t have to be at odds. Combining strong, relevant content with a targeted pay-per-click (PPC) spend strengthens organic authority while giving the instant gratification of driving traffic.

Client takeaway: Investing in PPC on valuable content boosts your likelihood of getting on a first page SERP. The top listing of a Google SERP receives 33 percent of clicks.

Suggested implementation: Combine PPC and organic strategies to increase visibility on the first SERP. Use PPC to pursue short-tail keywords. Share data between the two campaigns to get insights, and retarget PPC ads using what you learn.

Social media: Facebook adds disputed alert to fight fake news

Facebook’s newest tool to combat fake news adds a red warning sign to a link preview if its contents have been disputed. The system is still very manual, requiring users to report a fake story first or wait for the automated system to catch it.

Client takeaway: Users can click on the warning to see which sources have disputed the story and are warned it has been disputed before sharing. Disputed stories may appear lower in the news feed.

Suggested implementation: We’ll keep saying it: Read before you share. Check your sources. Check your sources’ sources. Google stuff.

Technology: Levi’s and Google’s Project Jacquard launches the first “wearable” jacket

This is the wearable tech we wanted to see! Levi’s and Google previewed their new smart jacket at SXSW. At $350, it’s reasonably priced for techwear that solves a real problem, in a vertical that will only get cheaper and more practical.

Client takeaway: Conductive fibers woven into the sleeve of the jacket allow you to program three gestures to access map updates or your music playlist, making it a handy feature for bicyclists.

Suggested implementation: Take a cue from Levi’s and Google: Products should solve an actual problem, not force their way into solving a perceived or invented problem.

Video: YouTube launches Uptime, an experimental app for watching videos with friends

Why didn’t someone do this sooner? YouTube’s Uptime is a new app that lets you watch videos with your friends. During a group viewing party, users can comment, post emojis, and add reactions that will display to everyone in real time.

Client takeaway: Uptime combines the parts of Periscope, Facebook Live, and News Feed Reactions younger generations use most. It isn’t a private messaging service, but instead facilitates the socializing that already happens around videos.

Suggested implementation: Uptime is currently only accessible by invite only. Once generally released, don’t be surprised to see ways marketers can take advantage.

Writing: The copywriter’s grab bag: part 1

Have writer’s block? Sometimes writers just need to look at their writing process in a different light. Bonfire Senior Copywriter Matt Myler shares some of his methods for getting the words flowing and catching reader attention, like — stealing?

Client takeaway: Listen, nothing’s original. But there’s a difference between originality and authenticity. So if you’re going to steal an idea (as all the greats do), rework it to be authentically yours.

Suggested implementation: Infuse a little bit of poetry and puns. And for the love of words, stop using jargon and stop “utilizing” stuff.

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