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Meet Mercer

Mercer Foods — founded in 1980 by James Mercer in California — makes the best freeze-dried foods in the industry. Their products span a wide range and include fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and pet treats, all freeze-dried without preservatives thanks to their cutting-edge technology. Mercer’s dedicated research and development team works directly with each customer to create unique freeze-dried products that blow competitors out of the water. For years, Mercer had very little in the way of a digital presence outside of their website and minor social media efforts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The biggest obstacles were all surrounding the brand’s website — the design was outdated and lacking a mobile-friendly user experience. One of Mercer’s most unique traits is that their products are most often sold under another brand’s label. In other words, consumers don’t actually know how often they buy and enjoy Mercer Foods’ products. While most brands can use their products (including label design) as part of their marketing strategy, Mercer simply couldn’t. Because of this, the sales team needed another way to show potential customers just how innovative and cutting-edge the company is.

Mercer Foods
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Mercer, meet Bonfire

From the beginning, it was obvious that we were doing more than designing a new website. We were actually doing a full rebrand. To better understand the company, we spent a good deal of time on-site with the team, touring the facility and learning about their food processing methods and technologies. We worked with the Mercer Foods team to build personas and hone in on clear KPIs as we revamped their value proposition and tagline.

They needed a great website with new content, along with a memorable logo, targeted keyword research, and deep analysis of competitors and influencers. We needed a social media and blog strategy, a quarterly content calendar, and SEO research and analysis to create a consistent, powerful brand voice.


The design team dove headfirst into the visual elements, while our digital analytics team began an analysis of industry influencers, competitors, and keywords to ensure every image, every word released on social media reached the right people in the right way.

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Mercer Foods prides itself on its history as a family-run business. Because of this, the entire rebranding process had to be highly collaborative and integrate multiple points of view. To many employees at Mercer, it’s more than a company: it’s very much part of their family. Knowing this, we altered the way we approached the rebrand, working closely with the Mercer team to incorporate that family-run feeling into the rebranding. Together, with Mercer’s own digital marketing team, we created an entirely new website, including a powerful new logo and a carefully crafted tagline into the site’s wireframe.

mercer process 2 wireframe

Bonfire also mapped the current site to make sure the Mercer team had an accurate list of what pages would redirect to new pages or become a 404. Once we had a completed wireframe, we brought in a third-party developer to transform the site from idea to reality.

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