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Rose City Comic Con (or RCCC) is Oregon’s largest pop culture convention, attracting over 30,000 people to the Oregon Convention Center each September. Unlike most major comic book and pop culture conventions, RCCC is independently run and operated in Portland. The show’s balanced approach to artists, gaming, and celebrities provides a positive atmosphere for all ages.

Though RCCC had a strong Facebook presence before working with us, they sought out Bonfire’s expertise to grow the channel while optimizing their other platforms, including Instagram, Tumblr, local publicity, and email campaigns. RCCC’s biggest goal was to drive awareness and ticket sales through their social channels.

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RCCC, meet Bonfire

Since we’re all a bunch of proud geeks around here, we were thrilled to be able to work with RCCC. We knew going in that comic fans are highly engaged in the culture, extremely knowledgeable about the industry, and prone to expressing their opinions — often without a filter. That meant community management would be an essential component of the show.

And because it was going to be a star-studded affair — with the cast of “Grimm,” Brandon Routh, and Princess Leia herself (disguised as Carrie Fisher) all in attendance — we couldn’t afford to be blinded by the lights. We had a task of Asgardian proportions on our hands. We needed to become the heroes that RCCC deserved. To be the guardians of their galaxy. To make RCCC the Superman of the comic con universe.


Our research and strategy development began by setting up announcement calendars. We then used our spidey sense to zero in on the event’s core audience, as well as influencers whom we then tapped into to help get the word out. To keep the message flowing, we developed content calendars with daily Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr posts. Our comic-loving designers were more than up to the task of creating digital assets that highlighted convention policies, the family-friendly nature of the show, Portland’s tourist spots, and even a superhero finger puppet contest.

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On the digital marketing management side of things, we were able to garner press coverage in major local media publications, including The Oregonian and local news station KATU. We worked closely with vendors to spread coverage outside of RCCC’s channels to push engagement even further. The majority of our digital efforts and budget went into a robust Facebook ad campaign, which focused on the core audience and last-minute purchasers. The majority of the Facebook advertising spend was concentrated on ads that tracked sales as conversions. The rest of the budget went to boosting posts announcing celebrity guests and other important show information.

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But that wasn’t all we had up our sleeves. Bonfire dove deep into the culture of the event, highlighting relevant industry news on social channels each morning to show the fans that RCCC knew their stuff. We also worked with local creators, on-air talent, and publishers to help boost news of the show. By noting the times of day the audience was most active, we were able to shift community management to nights and weekends to maximize engagement.


Digging into the analytics tools within the social platforms we used, we were able to track and measure results for each channel. From April to October 2015, RCCC’s Facebook fandom grew from 29,000 to 36,000. During the same six months, we also witnessed Twitter followers go from 3,100 to 4,600. And over the course of the campaign, RCCC’s Instagram following increased from fewer than 50 to over a thousand, with their Tumblr follower count growing by 13 percent.

By boosting targeted posts on Facebook, we were able to reach over 320,000 people in the Portland and Boise areas. Over 20,000 sales via Facebook ads were converted at less than $0.30 per conversion. Twitter made waves, too, with a reach of over 325,000 in September. We were also able to make #RCCC the top trending Twitter topic in Portland throughout the convention. In working closely with RCCC, we were able to increase awareness for the event, engage with more fans, and take RCCC from Bruce Banner to the Incredible Hulk — though with a much better temper.

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