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Here’s our latest roundup of digital marketing tips.

Analytics: 5 digital marketing trends to watch in 2017

The changing digital marketing landscape waits for no one. Knowing where consumer trends are headed can better prepare your strategy to align with the demand. Our chief strategist breaks down the top 5 trends to watch.

“Eighty-two percent of web traffic will be video by 2020.”
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Client takeaway: Eighty-four percent of shares take place via dark social. Twenty percent of mobile queries are voice searches. Eighty-two percent of web traffic will be video by 2020. Predictive analytics can increase customer value by 20.2 percent YoY. YouTube reaches more viewers ages 18+ than any TV network.

Suggested implementation:

  1. Understand dark social and how to mitigate its effects.
  2. If you’re not creating content for voice search, you’re already behind.
  3. Incorporate video into your paid social strategy.
  4. Forecast your marketing using predictive analytics.
  5. YouTube will diversify how consumers watch TV.

Digital marketing: Poor sitewide conversion rates? Focus on page-specific conversion funnels

If a specific page of your website converts better than others, do you drive more traffic to it? Or do you get rid of pages contributing nothing? A three-part strategy for page-specific conversion funnels can improve your overall conversion.

Client takeaway: Identifying pages with unusually high conversion rates can provide inspiration for the copy, design, and style of underperforming pages.

Suggested implementation: Use Google Analytics to determine your page-specific conversion rates. Leverage high-converting pages with more internal linking, organic and paid marketing, and mimicking their style on low-performing pages.

SEM: Facebook gives agencies more transparency following metrics blunders

Facebook is answering marketers’ calls for more transparency after metrics calculations discrepancies resulted in unexplained dips in ad performance last year.

Client takeaway: New features include a redesigned Delivery Insights dashboard, Estimated Daily Results for optimizing spending, and all new metrics.

Suggested implementation: Avoid boring your customers using a new feature that notifies you when you might be maxing out a campaign on the same audience.

SEO: Google is testing a new way of training its AI algorithms directly on your phone

Machine learning usually takes place under the roofs of big tech companies, but now it’s in your hands. In order to hasten the process and improve user data security, Google is recruiting each of your devices to sharpen its AI.

Client takeaway: “Federated learning” is currently being tested on Android’s keyboard app, Gboard. When you choose words from its suggestions, it learns. These user preferences are then sent back to Google HQ to optimize other keyboards.

Suggested implementation: Use analytics to personalize your content and tap into what your existing users really want.

Trends: Google expands “Fact Check” Tag to search results and news articles worldwide

To combat fake news, Google introduced the “Fact Check” tag to its Google News results last November. Now the verification tool is being rolled out to general SERPs. News snippets will now include information about the claim and its source, or a rebuttal of its validity.

Client takeaway: The fact checks are not conducted by Google and are not always accurate if different publications have differing conclusions. Publishers must meet strict criteria to be included, and even then must pass an algorithm test to determine source authority.

Suggested implementation: Once again, our favorite mantra for fighting fake news: Read before you share. Check your sources. Check your sources’ sources. Google stuff.

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