Why Saying “No” May Be the Best Way to Set Goals

The start of a new year typically involves a lot of resolutions and goal setting. It’s also the time to start new projects and embrace new opportunities. I find it to be one of the most exciting times of the year; I adore the challenge of an audacious goal. However, I’ve also learned that while [...]

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Q-and-A With Thomas Wells

Thomas is one of Bonfire’s two remote workers. By way of Bozeman, Montana, he delivers researched writing that appeals to readers because of the empathy, purpose, and humor he naturally wields. All of those qualities were only enhanced by the wide range of professions he has had. Thomas has been a college and preschool teacher, [...]

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Be Your Own Superhero: A Case for Self-Promotion at Work

No one likes a bragger, I get it. But if you never talk about your accomplishments you may be doing your career a serious disservice. I encounter many people who do amazing work on a regular basis, and I’m often concerned when I don’t see them talking about it. Transparency and visibility is incredibly important, [...]

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