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Here’s our latest roundup of digital marketing news.

Digital marketing: Behind the mystery group hitting fake news where it hurts

An anonymous Twitter handle is taking the fight against fake news straight to the wallet of one prominent outlet. Sleeping Giants has a mission to tweet companies who unknowingly have ads running where they might not appreciate being seen, and then helps them blacklist the site from their distribution algorithm.

Client takeaway: More than 1,500 companies have joined the front to blacklist fake news sites. Others have completely nixed AdWords, thus hitting Google’s wallet too.

Suggested implementation: Before, you’d have to wait for good samaritans like this or good old fashioned sleuthing to find your ads where you don’t want them. But our next story shows how Google is helping fight the good fight (likely taking the nudge from Sleeping Giants).

SEM: Google to give advertisers more control over where their ads appear

Google promised and now it’s followed through. After major brands went so far as to pull their ads for being featured on controversial or fake news sites, Google adjusted its policies to allow advertisers more control over where ads appear.

Client takeaway: Google will begin proactively removing ads from web and YouTube content that’s attacking or harassing others. AI and machine learning will aid its efforts.

Suggested implementation: New tools for advertisers include a safer default setting for brands, a simplified management of exclusions, and fine-tuned controls to exclude higher risk content.

Social media: Facebook launches stories to complete its all-out assault on Snapchat

Facebook salty? Nah, this is business. Stories, the final piece to mirroring Snapchat, are coming to Facebook (just months after a good test run in subsidiaries Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger).

Client takeaway: The new Facebook update redesigns the in-app camera, adds a feed of ephemeral stories to the top of the News Feed, and features a(nother) private messenger, Direct. Stories last for 24 hours.

Suggested implementation: Ads came to Instagram Stories. They’ll soon follow for Facebook stories, adding one more way to diversify your social media strategy.

Social media marketing: Facebook just changed the mobile web landscape with header bidding

Header bidding is a way for publishers to conduct direct auctions to bypass the inefficiencies that keep websites from finding the best prices for their ad space inventory. Now Facebook is throwing its hat into the ring to take down Google’s ad inventory ringleader, DoubleClick Bid Manager.

Client takeaway: The move expands Facebook Audience Network to Instagram and Facebook users on mobile and desktop. For FAN’s publishers, this opens up another demand source, which could increase yield. Once this is up and running, Facebook’s move will mean more pressure on competitors for high quality ad space.

Suggested implementation: Just watch this digital marketing coup play itself out and see if you come out on top.

Trends: Facebook Messenger now lets you privately share your Live Location for an hour

Sharing your location while online not enough? Start sharing it offline for 24 hours with Messenger’s newest feature, Live Location.

Client takeaway: All joking aside, the feature could be really helpful when trying to coordinate with friends. Live Location will not be a default setting. Turn it on to let a friend or group track your location for 24 hours without the app being open.

Suggested implementation: Actually, this could come in handy for safety situations while traveling.

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