Design Week Portland Preview: Process and Creativity


If you’re not a comic book fan, you probably haven’t heard of Jack “The King” Kirby, but you’ve definitely heard of his work. Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, the X-Men, and about 300 other characters of varying popularity — dozens of which are household names — are his life’s work. “Everybody can draw, in my estimation,” Kirby said. “If you give a man 50 years, he’ll come up with the Mona Lisa.”

Though his work may not end up in the Louvre, Kirby’s prolific output during his 50-year career led to some of the most notable creations in the history of pop culture. All this from a man who embodies the theme of Bonfire’s Design Week Portland event, “How Process Can Drive Creativity,” because Kirby learned how to draw through process. “My anatomy was self-taught. I feel everybody has that ability. I drew instinctively. Mine was an instinctive style.”

Day in and day out, with his tools, his drawing table, and his mind, Kirby’s process fueled design and creation that has sparked the imaginations of millions.

How can you do the same? Well, that’s what our Design Week Portland event is all about.

What is Design Week Portland? 

Celebrating Portland as the vital creative center that it’s become in recent years, Design Week Portland is a weeklong series of events that promote imagination, originality, artistry, innovation, and vision in creation.

With events held across the Rose City at numerous agencies and studios, it’s the premier event when it comes to connecting and inspiring designers, makers, and creators — a celebration of the “cultural and economic resource” that is Portland’s talented creative community. A full rundown of the event schedule gives you a taste of how extensive and exciting an experience this summit of creativity is set to be.

Why Bonfire loves DWP

As strategic partners for our clients, it’s our job to push creativity for them — and any event that helps us do that job better is an asset. But even moreso, at Bonfire, we believe in designers and creators of all kinds. It’s our goal to lift our own employees up through education, support, and an environment that fosters creativity. Design Week Portland shares and promotes those same values. If Bonfire, as part of the Portland creative community, can be a part of nurturing that culture while putting a focus on connecting art and creativity to a brand, it’s a win-win.

Why we chose to discuss process fueling creativity 

There’s no escaping it: Process is part of life. From personal processes like a morning shower and shave routine to professional processes like scheduling and paperwork, there’s a procedure to everything. Available manpower, budget, and time all affect the creative process, and it’s easy to feel stifled by these limitations.

But instead of viewing these restrictions as road blocks, they have the ability to focus efforts and boost creativity, channeling energy to reach new heights by turning process into an advantage. At Bonfire, we’ve seen the benefit of turning process into a resource and, with our Design Week Portland event, we want to help you become empowered by process to kick your creative endeavors to the next gear.

To quote the King one final time: “If a carpenter makes a chair that’s comfortable for the person who’s going to sit in it, he’s done his job. If a train engineer gets a train in on time, he’s going to make someone happy who’s waiting at the station. And if an artist draws the kind of a picture that people are going to enjoy looking at, or he makes a visual story which people are going to enjoy reading, he’s done his job.”

There’s process to every profession. Let us help you embrace that process to cultivate artistry and creativity in your day-to-day.

Join us on Thursday, April 27, at 4 p.m. for “How Process Can Drive Creativity” to delve into the process of boosting creativity and giving teams the support and encouragement to do their best work.

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