Creating Successful Landing Pages, and What Tinder Taught Us

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Here’s our latest roundup of digital marketing tips.

Career: 20 powerful quotes on success and creativity (with images)

Motivation comes in many forms. Every Monday, we share words of wisdom from entrepreneurs, celebrities, and speakers. Bonfire’s graphic designers encapsulated the essence of these quotations using illustrations, pictures, and typography for our collection of quotes on success and creativity.

Client takeaway: Let our roundup of powerful quotes on success, leadership, and creativity inspire you.

Suggested implementation: Take a cue from Clayton M. Christensen: “In the end, a strategy is nothing but good intentions unless it’s effectively implemented.”

Design: 3 advanced features that successful landing pages have in common

Successful landing pages are more than a pretty Web page. First, you have to understand the audience and tailor the landing page to them. Then define where the landing page fits within the complete marketing funnel. Finally, how does it align with where the customer is on their purchase journey?

Client takeaway: Creating landing pages with high conversion rates requires a deep understanding of your target market and need to adhere to your marketing strategy.

Suggested implementation: Create personas to best define your audience. Include demographic information, psychographic details, and values.

Digital advertising: 2016’s biggest social advertising trends

Social spend increased 50 percent, and social click-through rates have grown 64 percent year over year. Global search spend grew by eight percent year over year, and search clicks have increased 32 percent. Mobile search accounts for a majority of the growth in paid search spend.

Client takeaway: Highly targeted social and search advertising is taking over. It’s less about high volume of impressions and more about engagement that drives business results.

Suggested implementation: Experiment with product listing ads. Over the last year, they have expanded from eight percent to 26 percent of all search impressions.

Marketing psychology: Identity, affinity, and personalization: what marketers can learn from Tinder

What can modern dating tell us about purchasing behavior? Tinder allows users to create a personal identity, then browse through countless options. Users face a similar challenge that brands face: endless choices. Some of the same principles found in online dating apply to marketing. Reflect your target audience’s values, connect with them on a personal level, and personalize the experience in order to guide them to conversion.

Client takeaway: Marketers need to connect with consumers on a personal level through their prefered channels and deliver personalized messaging.

Suggested implementation: Create the illusion of choice while making it easy to see your company is the best option. Try including competitor information in a comparison chart.

Programmatic advertising: AdRoll State of the Industry 2016

AdRoll surveyed over 1,000 marketing and advertising executives from B2B and B2C sectors. Their State of the Industry report covers the current state of programmatic advertising, including retargeting, mobile retargeting, email marketing, and attribution. Programmatic advertising has taken over digital marketing strategies with 98 percent of marketers planning to increase or continue their current programmatic ad budgets next year.

Client takeaway: Eighty-seven percent of marketers believe programmatic ads provide greater ROI than traditional media and programmatic advertising sees a higher conversion rate.

Suggested implementation: Use Facebook retargeting with your desktop Web campaigns to see an increase in conversions.

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