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Here’s our latest roundup of digital marketing tips.

Local SEO: 2017 local search ranking factors

Moz has compiled the opinions of dozens of local search experts on what they feel are this year’s top ranking factors. Factors cover both local snack packs and organic local search results. Keep your SEO skills sharp.

Client takeaway: The top local pack finder factor is the proximity of the address to point of search. The top local organic factor is quality and authority of inbound links.

Suggested implementation: As a whole, these top 10 lists include a lot of mobile-friendly and inbound link factors, giving you a clue as to where to put your focus.

Social media: Instagram goes after Pinterest with saved post collections

Social platform copycats are nothing new, but for the most part, Pinterest was left alone — until now. In a new update, Instagrammers can organize inspiring posts into collections. It might not sway hardcore Pinterest users, but could snag the casual user.

Client takeaway: Instagram is updating the bookmark icon. Users click the bookmark under a post and save it to any collection they create.

Suggested implementation: Consider your audience before giving up on Pinterest for this new feature. Are your customers just casually looking for ideas, or are they big planners in need of a digital scrapbook? Because Instagram’s feature isn’t quite Pinterest-level of commitment.

Social media marketing: Facebook adds signup buttons to win over skeptical Instant Articles partners

Facebook hopes to quell publishers’ fears that the social media giant is trying to squash traditional media subscription models. The Instant Articles program is getting an update to help publishers get more subscribers, sign-ups, and downloads.

Client takeaway: Facebook is testing calls to action that encourage readers to sign up for newsletters or like publisher pages. It’s also working with publishers to promote free trials and app downloads.

“CTAs increased email subscriptions by as much as 41 percent.”
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Suggested implementation: The CTAs proved benefit by increasing subscriptions by as much as 41 percent. Have you assessed your CTA game? A/B testing is key.

Video: You can now livestream to YouTube from your phone if you have at least 1,000 subscribers

Want to livestream your next great cat video? You’ll have your chance if you have 1,000 subscribers. First, YouTube opened up livestreaming to members with 10,000 subscribers. Now, it’s lowered the threshold to give more users the opportunity.

Client takeaway: Why the subscriber minimum? Presumably, it’s to limit boring or illegal content from being livestreamed. It also protects the platform from being overburdened technically.

Suggested implementation: If you meet the criteria for livestreaming, it could be a great resource for promoting events and product launches.

Writing: The copywriter’s reading and resources list

Writing is hard. Writing short is really hard. Concise, effective, informative copy is a challenge even for experienced veterans of the word-slinging craft, which is why our writer Jim Gibbons has compiled resources for learning from the best of the best.

Client takeaway: No matter your writing niche, you’ll find a resource for you. Included are expert advice and must-reads from world-class writers on technical, eclectic, and inspirational fronts.

Suggested implementation: If writing is your passion and your career, it’s an adventure you’ll be on for many years. Outfit yourself for that adventure.

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