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Here’s our latest roundup of digital marketing tips.

Influencer marketing: 17 online marketing influencers to keep your eyes on in 2017

The MVPs of digital marketing generate billions of dollars in revenue for their clients and reshape the landscape of how we push content online. If you don’t know names like Tim Ferriss and Rand Fishkin, these 17 influencers and thought leaders are worth paying attention to.

Client takeaway: These big names in marketing often bring plenty of metrics along with them, and using their knowledge can make your next pitch meeting a big win.

Suggested implementation: Many of these influencers are bestselling authors, and it doesn’t hurt to bring their books into your company library. Related: If you don’t have one, start a company library.

Content marketing: Blog post ideas: Maximize your reach with the right topics

As they say, blog topics make the world go ‘round! Well, maybe not, but a well-designed blog that’s structured to serve your audience can be easier said than done. Moz provides a comprehensive overview of how to create the best blogs possible.

Client takeaway: Finding poorly answered questions about your product or service and answering them in a blog is a perfect way to drum up engagement and customer feedback.

Suggested implementation: Generate a flow chart for your business’ blog structure, and see where you might be missing topics along Moz’s six paths to great ideas.

Copywriting: 10 tips for becoming a more efficient editor

Writers are often only as good as their editors. At Bonfire, we place a premium on editing that’s meticulous and thorough. Our editorial director, Adam Collins, shares his best practices for making sure each editing pass is a good one.

Client takeaway: Are your editors the ones who are opening and closing their track changes loops? If not, they should be, to keep things from falling through the cracks.

Suggested implementation: The 10 tips are good, but there are also things that need to happen in your company culture as well. For example: Do you have a brand style guide?

Social media: Facebook’s side-by-side video view could open up new ad inventory

In February, Facebook rolled out a new feature called “watch and scroll” to its mobile experience. Now it’s made its way to desktop, enabling users to watch a video as they scroll through their feed.

Client takeaway: Facebook keeps a careful balance on the ratio of organic content to advertising, and this new feature could potentially open up new space.

Suggested implementation: While watch and scroll ads are offering up potential new spots for ads, make sure you continue creating quality content — otherwise users will just close the ad.

Strategy: The top 8 ways B2B brands are reaching customers in 2017

Without a doubt, B2B companies are finding themselves needing to create better marketing materials and assets. This excellent infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines outlines the 8 major upcoming trends for B2B marketing. Turns out testimonials are very important.

Client takeaway: Out of 202 respondents, 93 percent of B2B companies predict that their marketing efforts will take on greater importance.

Suggested implementation: Make sure your marketing efforts are sufficient to meet this new smattering of trends, and maybe invest in new employees or infrastructure.

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