The Marketer’s Power Quarter: Mobile Design

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This is the twelfth and final installment in a 12-part series of quick-fix tips to improve your digital marketing results. Catch up on our last tip, and subscribe to our newsletter to get the rest.

It’s an increasingly mobile world, and your marketing can’t afford to avoid that fact. That means it’s essential to have a holistic view of your assets and web design—including mobile browsers.

This year, the percentage of all global websites served to mobile phones hit an all-time high of 52.2 percent, a number that has consistently grown over the past decade. Make sure you’re serving your audience with landing pages designed for mobile browsers.

Designing for mobile is key for good UX

When you consider that 87 percent of internet users browse their favorite brands and sites on mobile, the need for good mobile UX becomes undeniably essential. The good news is that responsive design that boosts good mobile user experience leads to an increased conversion rate.

Just look at this result from Marketo: “For one of our recent campaigns, we discovered that as many as 32 percent of visitors were using a mobile device, and yet the page was designed for a desktop. We just rolled out responsive landing page templates across the board, with mobile-friendly features like swipe and click-to-call, and have seen conversions increase by almost 2x.”

A quick-and-easy UX fix

While developing responsive landing pages and ideally a fully responsive design for your site is recommended, that endeavor will likely take longer than a week. But as with all the Marketer’s Power Quarter tips, here’s the easy-to-execute adjustment you can make right now.

“The percentage of all global websites served to mobile
phones hit an all-time high of 52.2 percent.”
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The average human fingertip is around 44 pixels squared. By making your buttons that size, you encourage conversion-boosting clicks. It’s a simple yet effective first step on your way to a responsive design overhaul.

And that does it for the Marketer’s Power Quarter blog series. Hopefully you’ve enacted a few (if not all) of these tips and are already seeing results. Stay tuned to the Bonfire blog for more great marketing tactics, and sign up for our monthly newsletter below to get updates delivered straight to your inbox.

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