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Here’s our latest roundup of digital marketing tips.

Content marketing: How to build a content calendar [infographic]

Content marketing is nothing without a solid strategy. But so many moving parts make it hard to determine the minute details, like the best day to post or the most effective length for blogs. Let us lay the groundwork for building your own with our content calendar infographic.

Client takeaway: A content or editorial calendar is a visual document that tracks all of your brand’s content, from tweets to email campaigns, and helps keep it all in motion.

Suggested implementation: Download our free infographic for help with structuring your calendar. Then reap the benefits of planning content for quarters at a time.

Social media: Facebook testing “Dislike” button on Messenger

Don’t get excited; Facebook still has no plans to add a Dislike button to its News Feed. And with good reason — social media doesn’t need any more negativity. But in Messenger, Facebook hopes the thumbs-down takes on a meaning of “no” instead of “dislike.”

Client takeaway: The new Reactions are currently being tested in Messenger and mirror that of iMessage or Slack’s Emoji Reactions. Look for it to be adopted by Facebook’s business collaboration suite, Workplace.

Suggested implementation: This won’t have much effect on marketers (unless you adopt Workplace), but it’s a good time to remind you of the weight Facebook places on News Feed Reactions in determining how prominently to show a story.

Social media marketing: Snapchat is gaining popularity with parents

Snapchat was a hit with the kids, but now the olds are catching on, too. Fresh off the IPO, the platform has partnered with multiple TV networks for mini episodes, part of the new content drawing older audiences.

Client takeaway: An estimated 70.4 million Americans will use Snapchat this year, nearly five million more than 2016. People aged 18 to 24 are the largest user base, but 6.4 percent of users will be 45 to 54. Now public, Snap Inc. is valued around $28 billion.

Suggested implementation: Keep the blossoming older audience in mind when creating content for Snapchat.

Technology: Here’s how many iPhones are currently being used worldwide

It comes as no surprise that the iPhone’s user base is growing, continuing its climb to a billion users within two years. Though growth of its base is expected to slow as users keep their phones longer, Apple doesn’t expect this to affect sales.

Client takeaway: More than 700 million iPhones are currently in use worldwide. But YoY user growth is expected to slow from 20 percent to 9 percent by 2018.

Suggested implementation: Are you mobile-first? If not, you’re late. But there’s still time to optimize your website for a better mobile experience to prepare for an increasingly mobile world.

Video: YouTube announces cable-free subscription service

Just one more reason to cut the cord. YouTube is launching a live and on-demand streaming TV service called “YouTubeTV.” See how it measures up to other streaming services.

Client takeaway: A quarter of Americans don’t pay for cable. Subscribers receive access to up to 40 networks for six users at a cost of $35. Channels will include popular broadcast and sports channels. Users can watch from any device.

Suggested implementation: Look for opportunities in the future for marketers to get skin in the game once Google and its network partners begin selling ads for additional revenue.

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