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Here’s our latest roundup of digital marketing tips.

Content marketing: What GM’s live video says about content marketing strategy in 2017

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), GM became the first automaker to use Facebook Live for a view of its new electric car. What does this move signal for content marketing today?

Client takeaway: GM’s 25-minute video garnered 24,500 views. An additional 360-degree video showcased the interior. Though that’s fewer views than a prime time commercial, the budget was a minute part of a larger strategy.

Suggested implementation: Live video is a direct appeal to your most loyal customers and key influencers. Using Facebook’s finely targeted audience tools as a supplement to broader channels engages your core audience.

Social media marketing: Facebook videos will now play with the sound on by default

Turn the volume down on your phone. Facebook is about to get noisy. Buckling under the pressure of advertisers, the company has decided videos in your feed will now automatically play — with sound. Yeah, we’re not thrilled about it either.

Client takeaway: Users can manually mute the app. Facebook is likely implementing the change in response to Snapchat’s reported 70 percent video ad plays with sound. Advertisers report upwards of 80 percent of their Facebook videos are played on mute. See Facebook’s angle now?

Suggested implementation: Continue A/B testing ads with and without sound and text. What’s resonating most with your audience?

SEO: I, Search: How AI will transform the landscape of SEO

Consider this your holy text for search engine optimization. Learn about SEO’s past, present, and future to better prepare for AI’s gradual takeover of every facet of what makes a search engine work — and maybe even what makes a website a website.

Client takeaway: SEO’s future? Keyword phrases are dead. It’s all about the user’s intent.

Suggested implementation: Study up. If you want to remain competitive, you have to understand and plan for a potential searcher’s intent. What are they looking for?

Video: YouTube will end unskippable 30-second ads in 2018

Unskippable ads are the bane of a YouTuber’s experience. Luckily, the video platform is doing away with them by 2018 — kind of.

Client takeaway: The 30-second unskippable ad is being replaced with more interactive ad formats. However, unskippable 15- and 20-second ads will still be around.

Suggested implementation: Emphasize user experience in everything you do. And remember interactive immersion is the new normal.

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