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The many components of social media marketing present a lot of moving parts to juggle. Posting schedules, content creation, and managing promotions and community management across multiple platforms—it can be a daunting amount of work. We update our social media best practices regularly to help moderate the madness, but here are two more tips to help!

LinkedIn Carousel ads

A new ad format is a great way to catch an audience’s attention. It stands out from the same old, same old in an eye-catching way. Just think about it. How many billboards do you ignore on the way to work every day? The same premise applies to online promotion. Old stagnates; new works.

By using LinkedIn’s new, interactive carousel ad format, your ads will stand out, rise above, and reach new and old eyeballs alike. The sooner the better too, as 75 percent of beta advertisers plan to use carousel ads in their next sponsored content campaign. Why? Simple. The format delivered higher engagement, click-through rates, and drove 40–100 percent higher conversion rates in some territories.

Max Width video on Pinterest

Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to impactful imagery, it’s a pretty good rule of thumb. This is especially true on Pinterest, where the max width video ad format is driving better conversions.

Sixty-seven percent of Pinterest viewers report that videos push them to take action, compared to 32 percent of people on other platforms. The data also shows that people believe videos improve user experience by 1.6 times and make them 2.6 times more likely to make a purchase. Pretty good data to encourage you to go big and go home with big results.

Next week in part 10 of The Marketer’s Power Quarter blog, get tips to update stagnant database information.

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