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Here’s our latest roundup of digital marketing tips.

Advertising: The Top 10 Super Bowl LI Ads Ranked by Digital Share of Voice

Which ads won the big game? Ad Age measured the digital buzz surrounding Super Bowl ads. The numbers show this game was historic for advertising, and is also evidence of a long digital play around game day.

Client takeaway: Overall numbers show the ads received 36 million online views and 4.4 billion social media impressions and counting.

Suggested implementation: These strong numbers show how a digital strategy can fortify your ROI for other ad outlets.

Content marketing: Is longer content really better?

The debate continues: Short and sweet content? Or longer and keywordy? Turns out it’s more about the customer on-page experience, not the keyword count.

Client takeaway: Four of Google’s top 10 ranking factors relate to customer experience. Most users read about 50 percent of content. In a test of varying content lengths, the sweet spot for completion and conversion was 1055 words. For mobile, 542 words was more effective.

Suggested implementation: These results will, of course, vary by industry. The only way to know what content length resonates best with your audience is to test the conversions and heat maps of varying lengths.

Leadership: Why Saying “No” May Be the Best Way to Set Goals

You want to help, prove your worth, impress the boss, so you say “yes!” to everything. But trying to take on too much leads to burnout and the likelihood of failure. Bonfire VP Marion Olson has a few questions to ask yourself to counter the instinct of being too agreeable.

Client takeaway: Before you say yes, ask yourself: Do I want to? Do I have enough to give? How will it affect others? Is now the right time?

Suggested implementation: Proper time management can impress the boss just as much as your enthusiasm to volunteer. Being able to handle your workload improves the quality of your work and your overall mental health.

SEM: Releasing Super Bowl Ads Early Jump-Starts Lifts in Brand Search

A look at five Super Bowl ads shows how a digital strategy boosted the brands’ search volume both before and after the big game.

Client takeaway: B2C brands benefitted most from teasing their ads early, with Snickers topping out at a 2,669 percent boost in search volume. B2B brands saw less impressive numbers.

Suggested implementation: Again, this analysis underscored the importance of a longer digital strategy to drive brand awareness and boost ROI for other ad outlets.

Technology: Google’s Home TV Ad Makes Google Home Systems Go Crazy

Did anyone’s Google Home go a little bonkers after their Super Bowl ad aired? You’re not alone. Users everywhere reported that the ad interfered with their voice-assistant devices.

Client takeaway: The TV commercial confused devices when the broadcast called its name.

Suggested implementation: Hey, no tech is perfect right out of the gate. Voice-first devices are improving every day. Is your website ready?

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