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With the rise of online video-on-demand like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, it’s obvious that a majority of our population is cutting cable in favor of digital content. And with it comes a growing transition to online video marketing rather than traditional commercials. Even our social media outlets have gone out of their way to tailor their feeds to better integrate video and animation. This has created a new breed of marketing — one that focuses on capturing the attention of viewers who now have much more visual competition on the same screen.

Digital marketing videos are now part of larger, continually growing campaigns, rather than standalone products like commercials of the past. They add personality and a personable touch to your brand. They provide supporting visuals or capture an overarching theme of your brand’s message. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering if video marketing is right for you.

Online video engagement numbers are impressive

Before you read a word of this blog, did you watch the video first? Studies have found that 60 percent of online visitors watch videos before reading any text when both text and video are provided on a page. This includes senior business executives, with 75 percent of those executives watching videos while at work.

The general public is watching more, too. In fact, around 78 percent of us watch videos online every week, while 55 percent watch online every day. This includes social media outreach, where one in five Twitter users discover videos from tweeted links daily.

What makes video marketing successful?

As mentioned earlier, digital content is now a part of a bigger picture. It is a tool to get your brand’s message across by inviting more engagement from the viewer. There is a reason why brands see more shares on social media when they add video to their marketing, and it’s all about the story. Stories are part of human nature. They are how we’ve shared our history since the dawn of our existence. Stories are what help form a culture.

You know your brand better than anyone. Your personal investment can be difficult to put into words for others. Nothing can match the impact of mixing powerful imagery, music, or animation with text or voice-over to create a world that captures the imagination and the story of your brand. You can even add annotation to the video to increase direct engagement on certain platforms.

There is no guarantee that your video will go viral, but that’s not really the point in the long run. It becomes part of your brand’s history, one that will continue to impress long after its time has passed. That Cadbury commercial with various animals in bunny ears auditioning to be the Cadbury Bunny? That commercial originally aired back in 1994 — and still runs today! That’s the staying power of video marketing.

Video production is more accessible and less expensive

Video production teams are no longer just made of people who own film equipment. Most reputable teams have gone the extra step and modeled their business into full creative agencies. Instead of hiring a film crew to simply execute your vision, you can call on an entire service to help mold an idea with art direction, creative consulting, storyboarding, animation, and even script creation. You now have a partner fully invested in your vision.

Video production has changed immensely in the past 15 to 20 years. The industry has come to the rescue of the young, hungry creatives who drive it forward with unprecedented access to amazing advances in technology. Companies like B&H and Lens Pro To Go partner with creatives by offering on-demand rentals of state of the art video production equipment. This helps any aspiring filmmaker avoid costs of owning their own.

Adobe has also become one of the leaders in postproduction by offering their entire suite of products for a low monthly cost. All of these services empower smaller teams and provide greater selection for marketers as a whole.

Video has the ability to show your brand’s vision with more visual impact. With the wide array of valuable mediums (phone, computer, and social feeds), video is more accessible than ever before, making it more important than ever to consider video marketing strategy for where your audience will encounter content. Digital content can be easily integrated with just about any form of marketing, increasing your chance of getting more shares on social media. And the cost is most likely a fraction of what it once was, especially considering the sheer number of video production teams that exist today.

So, why not give it a try?

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