The Marketer’s Power Quarter: A Google Ads Tip to Boost SEM


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In marketing, you can always do something more to improve your metrics. We’re all looking for quick, actionable advice that drives better numbers and provable results. The Marketer’s Power Quarter is here to help. This weekly blog series will walk you through 12 different ways to improve digital marketing efforts like email marketing, ABM, UX, and—in this first post—SEM.

Take these tips and enact them week after week to see your marketing efforts take a holistic swing toward better numbers this quarter.

Making the most of Google Ads

Google Ads (formally Google AdWords) helps businesses improve online advertising effectiveness by offering many ways to reach core audiences. Search marketers may be familiar with the basic functions of the platform, but they’re often missing out on more granular options across all elements of paid search campaigns, including more specific location targeting than the standard countries, states, counties, and cities.

A simple Google Ads tip that drives results

Latitude/longitude targeting can be added to campaigns and allows you to target specific neighborhoods or areas. You can stack 1-mile latitude/longitude radiuses to form an area that covers the desired location, ensuring ads only appear to users who live within each individual 1-mile radius made. And if multiple 1-mile radiuses cover a desired location, all users in that area will be targeted.

This tactic is also useful for businesses with locations close to each other, preventing overlapping competition for the same audience. Used in an Ads campaign for a client with locations in densely populated cities, latitude/longitude targeting reduced cost-per-lead by about 20 percent compared to zip code targeting.

Head back to the Bonfire blog next week for another data-driven, metrics-improving tactic in the Marketer’s Power Quarter series.

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