The Marketer’s Power Quarter: How to Tier ABM Content


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A lot goes into the layered strategic approach needed to make the most of your efforts with account-based marketing. When executed properly, ABM’s payoff can be huge. If you’ve already begun your ABM journey, let’s take a look at why segmenting personalized content is an utmost priority to boosting sales.

Segmenting your ABM personalization strategy

With enough time and money, ABM content can be personalized to perfection. The challenge is personalizing content quickly and effectively on a finite budget. And yet, it’s essential to invest time in personalized content for your most high-value leads. Make the balancing act a little easier and improve effectiveness by prioritizing and tiering your leads.

  • Tier 1 accounts: 100 percent customized messaging and higher-value offers
  • Tier 2 accounts: 80 percent templatized and 20 percent customized
  • Tier 3 accounts: minor customization a la mass segmented emails

Why you should use a tiered ABM strategy

Taking time to nail this prioritization drives long-term results for your ABM. Tiered personalization delivers higher open rates and higher click-through rates on emails, which can drive around 19 percent of total sales for companies.

And it gets better. Personalization has also been shown to decrease acquisition costs up to 50 percent and increase marketing spend efficiency up to 30 percent. Those are some proof-based results you won’t want to miss!

Next week on the Bonfire blog, get more proof-based marketing tactics to drive better metrics in part three of the Marketer’s Power Quarter series.

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