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I want you to imagine something. Your alarm goes off early. Still dark early. Most of what happens next is habit. Shower, shave, eat, drink, drive, check email, Facebook, Instagram. Then you get to your desk, and what do you do? Do you keep looking for habits to follow throughout the day? Do you shake off the habits and start asking questions? Not where to eat, where to sit, or what to work on. Not those questions. Do you ask yourself more meaningful questions? Why am I working on this project? How can I make something exceptional? Memorable? Simple?

2016 achievements 

At Bonfire, we work hard to ask the second set of questions. Every day. First thing in the morning. We believe that habits are great for processes, but terrible for creativity. We try to break the mold daily to make something exceptional. How have we done this year? We’re very proud to have been named one of the top 100 fastest-growing companies in Oregon. Most recently, we were ranked 1,000 out of 5,000 fastest-growing companies in America for Inc. 5000. We also won best website for three of our projects, including our own site. Pretty amazing, right? We’re pretty pumped.

How Bonfire’s culture drives success

Although winning awards and being included among esteemed businesses such as Loot Crate, Dollar Shave Club, and Kabbage is an honor, it’s more interesting to see how we did it. We have done it through sustainable growth and constant iteration. Just as production breaks habits and asks meaningful questions every day, management has done the same. As a team, we have grown substantially and built systems that harness our natural talents and skills to provide an environment for change. So what did we do when we found out we were included as one of Oregon’s fastest-growing companies? We celebrated a little, then got back to work. What did we do when we were ranked 1,000 on Inc. 5000’s list? We high fived, then got back to work. What did we do when three of our websites won? There were some woots, then we got back to work. We’ve got habits to shake and molds to break. We know what we did today won’t work tomorrow.

So to everyone at Bonfire who breaks the mold and shakes the habits with a vengeance, this is for you. To all of our clients who trust us and allow us to challenge and push brands in new directions, this is for you. And to team leaders who inspire the best content marketing in the world, this is for you.

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