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5 Tips for Mastering Community Management

Now more than ever, customers appreciate valuable community management from brands big and small. According to a recent study from Sprout Social, 86 percent of consumers prefer brands that provide honest, helpful responses on social media. Community management requires attentiveness, empathy, and timeliness to convey authenticity, and these five simple tips will help you [...]

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Laugh Tracks and Voice Boxes

Here’s our latest roundup of digital marketing tips. Copywriting: Everyone’s a comedian: Using humor in advertising Humor is a bit of a double-edged sword and, when used improperly, can end up hoisting you on your own petard. Mixed metaphors aside, Bonfire content strategist Elizabeth Harney dives into the nitty-gritty of building the funny into [...]

Marketing Automation Wins and Lessons From Voice Search

Here’s our latest roundup of digital marketing tips. Digital marketing: Marketing automation will hit $7.63 billion by 2025 A new report by Research and Markets shows that marketing automation is continuing to grow, likely reaching $7.63 billion worldwide by 2025. Email marketing automation is still growing, but not as much as it did in [...]

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