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Professional Language Versus Jargon in Marketing

No one likes jargon. It’s a fluffy crutch that copywriters, speakers, and marketers fight to avoid. No one’s going to write a short guide to copywriting with jargon that sings its praises, and yet it seems to show up in our marketing copy constantly. Why? And how do we avoid it? What is jargon? Jargon [...]

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Account Manager – Demand Generation

Bonfire Marketing is the industry leader in proof-based digital marketing. As a Bonfire Account Manager, you’re a driven demand generation enthusiast who thrives in a highly collaborative, ever-changing, constantly challenging B2B marketing environment. You are naturally strategic. Inherently curious. Active in communication. You want problems solved quickly, and won’t stop until you’ve figured it out. [...]

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Can Facebook’s Algorithm Change Help Their Competition?

Over the past few years, Facebook News Feed’s organic reach diminished to nearly zero. So, the latest news about Facebook cutting pages off shouldn’t come as a shock. I won’t discuss the pros or cons of the change. Let’s focus on the downstream effects that might occur as a result. Facebook is—and has been for [...]

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Why Facebook Should Never Surprise Marketers

We’ve been operating and specializing in content marketing for over nine years at Bonfire. Like countless other industries, the one thing that‘s always constant is change. Earlier this month, Facebook announced a change in their algorithm that, for some, made it seem like the sky was falling. Whether hyperbolic or real, the change will dramatically [...]

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